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places them in very serious jeopardy, in fact, perjury. >> martin bashir, thank you for bringing me to light on the story i know nothing about. you can see martin bashir at 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can have the last word online. rachel maddow is up next. >> great to have you back, we missed you. >> thanks. >> thanks for staying with us for the next hour. combine the dramatic escalation of something people like to complain about anyway, combine that with advanced warning and a snappy nickname in a part of the country that gets tons of news coverage any, what do you have? carmageddon. >> it's just days away. >> los angeles is buckling up for carmageddon. >> you're likely to hear
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carmageddon a lot this week. >> those in los angeles are bracing for carmageddon next weekend. >> if the worst-case predictions of fishlts come true, all surrounding streets will be grid locked. >> one of the largest cities is bracing themselves for a disaster that comes with advanced warning. l.a.'s 405 freeway is one of the single busiest roads in the entire country, and this weekend, as you heard, they are expecting it to be carmageddon. california officials, shutting down a 10-mile stretch of the 405 from the san fernando valley to west los angeles, ten miles of the busiest stretch of road in the country will be shut down all weekend to make it bigger, to expand it from four lanes on each side to six lanes. and if the half million or so cars that use the 405 on any given weekend still want to travel that route, and they instead this weekend are forcing
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them to use side streets and alternate routes to get where they are going, well, then -- >> traffic reporters say on a scale of one to ten this -- >> has a potential of being really a nine. >> an eleven. here's the thing about carmageddon, though. this is a manmade potential catastrophe. in the smaller sense that this mother of all traffic jams, this traffic jam to end all traffic jams that is expected for this weekend in l.a., it is being caused by deliberate action, and it is well-meaning deliberate action. they are taking this freeway out of commission in order to work on it, but it's all planned out in advance. carmageddon is not a natural occurrence, this is not an accident, this is not happenstance, it is a disaster of california's own making. in washington, the economic version of carmageddon shares
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that same quality. it is also manmade, also not accidental. the economic version of kar karma ged don, the fight about whether or not the u.s. is going to default on the debt. economic karmageddon is happening because the republicans in congress have made a decision this disaster should happen or at least we should risk this disaster happening. since john f. kennedy was president in 1962, congress has voted to raise the debt ceiling 74 times. seven times during the johnson presidency, seven times during the nixon presidency, six times under gerald ford, six times under jimmy carter. raising the debt ceiling has happened roughly once a year. in recent times, only time we haven't had to raise the debt
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ceiling was in the 1990s. why did we not have to do it? because president clinton by the time he left office was presidingsurpluses, not deficits. president george bush dealt with that problem quickly. under george w. bush we started incuring massive deficits again, so we had to start raising the debt ceiling again routinely. >> we are confronting a situation we hadn't in a few years, and that is the debt limit, where the government can't borrow any money. it's frozen at $5.95 trillion. what are we going to do about that? >> we're going to raise it as a reasonable government must. this is really housekeeping, tim. this has nothing to say or do with future spending. this simply reflects decisions made in the past and it ought to be kept as the housekeeping matter it is. >> the housekeeping matter it
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is. that was then george w. bush budget director, mitch daniels, who is is indiana's governor. mitch daniels arguing that raising the debt ceiling ought to be treated as the housekeeping matter that it is. no news here, just do it, don't even talk about it. during the george w. bush administration, they did just treat the debt ceiling as a housekeeping matter. the debt ceiling was raised seven separate times during the george w. bush presidency with lots of republican support every time they did it. in fact, today's republican leadership in congress, which has taken such a strong stand against it this time around, they voted to raise the debt ceiling 19 times during the bush years. but now it's all different. now not only have republicans balked at raising the debt ceiling, they have also made a show of turning their bats on negotiating with democrats a reduction in the deficit, a reduction in debt. they implemented pay-as-you-go,
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even republicans who had proposed that in the first place voted against it when president obama agreed to it. they walked out of the gang of six debt talks that were being held in the senate. they walked out of the bipartisan debt talks that were being convened by vice president joe biden, and on saturday night, republican speaker of the house john boehnor said he'd no longer negotiate with the president on the grand deal they had been negotiating to get republicans to agree to vote for the debt ceiling rise. if you were looking for any signs tonight, monday night, that the republican party is eager to avert this economic karmageddon, i do not have signs to share with you. michele bachmann told a crowd of more than 100 supporters gathered in iowa today that she has never voted to raise the debt ceiling her time in congress and won't this time either. "it's time for tough love," she
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said. sarah palin is on the cover of "newsweek" this week hyping her own presidential prospects. what is her advice to john boehnor? "i will be very, very disappo t disappointed if boehnor and the republican party cave on any kind of debt deal in the next couple of months." notice she's not saying hold out and make sure you get a good deal, republicans. she's saying don't do it at all. she's saying don't raise the debt limit. let economic karmageddon happen. it is day eleven in a minnesota state government, longest shutdown in that state's history. in the midst of that, former minnesota governor and presidential hopeful tim pawlenty is hoping to revitalize is lousy presidential chances by cheerleading for his state's government shoutdown, by describing the shutdown itself as a good thing, one scientist telling the new york times today
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there may be a lesson in this, a rather scary one. "that minnesota would have a protracted government shut down. i never thought that was possible." the big lesson for minnesota is the unthinkable is possible. you have a tendency to think in these sorts of situations it's just a game of chicken, there will be a resolution, the debt ceiling will be lifted, but sometimes a game of chicken ends in a car crash. the last thing that republicans walked out of in terms of trying to avert this car crash was a meeting president obama convened yesterday in washington. you may remember mr. obama told everyone to dress casually because they were going to be there for a long time, right? that's why we have the pictures where they look vaguely, slightly, iranian, because they are not wearing ties. women look the same they always do, but the mens, aimadinijad.
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john boehnor told reporters he could not support any big deal the president wanted period. so in the end, their long day of sweaty, tieless negotiations only lasted an hour and 15 minutes, then they went home. the unemployment crisis, but that is not what they are having crisis negotiations about in washington, but they are having crisis negotiations about in washington is about something the country has done 74 times since john f. kennedy was president, including seven times under george w. bush, something republicans have just decided they are not going to do this year. joining us now is john stan ton, a reporter for roll call newspaper. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. >> where do the talks stand right now? >> well, the talks are not really doing much right now in the talks, frankly.
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they had a meeting today at the white house where they discussed what vice president biden and majority leader eric cantor and a few others came up with as a sort of suite of options for addressing the problem, then went back to their respective caucuses to discuss it. the problem is leadership on the republican side is finding itself caught between the reality of needing to deal with the debt limit and the fact that the tea party movement and strong conservative, fiscal conservatives that voted them into power last year don't want to see that and they are having two competing realities butting heads and they are not quite sure, frankly, how to chart the course, i think. >> john, i went back in at news coverage of 80s and 90s, lots of presidents have had to deal with the other party trying to leverage the debt ceiling vote into something else they want in terms of policy. what seems unique this year is the overt calls by republicans
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that the debt ceiling shouldn't just be leveraged into something else the republican party wants but it's an overtly bad thing to raise it, that a shutdown and the type of crisis we would have without the debt ceiling is, itself, is good to achieve. is that something new? >> it is new, i think. it is a reflection of the conservative sort of tilt of the party over the last year and a half, two years. the sort of populous movement, economic movements going on within the tea party particularly bring that to bear. you'll notice speaker boehnor doesn't say it will be okay for the debt limit to be reached and for us to default. he's careful not to say that, but at the same time they try to not antagonize those on the right that have said it should be allowed to default. this is a very tricky problem for them because they know when they do end up raising it, the people who don't want to raise them are going to blame them. a deal is not going to be good
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enough for those people and they are not sure what that is going to mean politically for them. >> whether the person sitting at the table doing the negotiating can promise, can deliver what he or she is promising. is there -- is it just tactical positioning and is it just spin for democrats to be questioning whether or not john boehnor really does negotiate on behalf of the republican party, whether he can deliver votes if he agrees to a deal? >> no, i think it is a legitimate question. i think the deal he and president obama were talking about last weekend, which the president was pushing to what they call decouple the bush tax cuts to allow those to expire, when those details started to come out, there was a lot of push back from republicans. rank and file republicans, members of leadership, and boehnor looked at that and realized there was no way he could sell that kind of a deal to his party, that there were
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not enough republican votes, even if he got a lot of democrats. >> is he also potentially facing a challenge by eric cantor or somebody else for his seat? >> they'll say that's not true, but there's speculation in washington about that relationship. folks have sort of been looking how the two have been jockeying on this issue and, you know, have been wondering is eric cantor trying to position himself as a more conservative leader so if this deal goes through and john boehnor takes a hit from the right that he can maybe step in. i honestly don't know at this point it's a realistic option, but there's a lot of speculation about it right now. >> i don't know if you're superstitious, but i'm skooefed out there's heat lightening flashing behind you as we're talking. you don't see that as a bad sign, do you? >> it's a little apocalyptic. >> if your black suit and black
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tie are a perfect setting for doing the apocalyptic segment for us. john stanton, thanks so much for joing us, i appreciate it. all right, how many frequent flyer points do you get for a flight that cost you $63 million. debunktion junction is just ahead. plus, an american athlete with the name of a super hero that just did something super heroic in sports terms. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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election day is tomorrow. details coming up on that next. plus, the mayor of philadelphia will be here to talk about how the crisis in washington will read down to the cities and states. plus, best new thing in the world coming up at the end of the show. it's the kind that involves cheering at the television. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability
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if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? tomorrow is election day. yeah. in wisconsin, it's the primaries for the recall of state senators that followed republicans stripping union rights in that state. the notable thing in those elections is republican activists are running tomorrow as if they are democrats. they are running sort of openly as fake democrats in the democratic primary to try to create electoral chaos. in southern california tomorrow, there is also an election, congresswoman jane harmon is retiring and her district in los angeles is hosting a rather strange special election to replace her. i say it's strange for a couple of reasons. one strange thing is although
9:19 pm
this is a district where barack obama beat john mccain by 31 points, the republican is not running remotely near moderate, he's running as a hard right republican candidate doing things like calling planned parenthood a murder mill. a new poll out shoes craig huey is trailing 8 points behind janice hahn. but it's also given rise to the most ostentatiously racist political ad of the year against janice hahn. you may have heard about it because the words you used to describe it are linked. black men, gang members dancing with guns, eventually stuffing money into the bikini bottom of the democratic candidate.
9:20 pm
there's also a lot of threatening swearing of the gang member guys with guns. the republican candidate running in this contest, it should be clear, did not run this ad. this was done by an outside group that's not yet disclosed its donors. there was a complaint that the republican in the candidate illegally cooperated with the ad, both the group and the republican candidate are including collusion. no mistaking this ad is designed to be provocative and get attention by virtue of how offensive it is. in this case, mission accomplished. lots and lots of national attention to the case, to janice hahn. he then focussed his own attacks
9:21 pm
on hahn on the issues highlighted in the racist ad. someday we'll know who the donors are from the group and voters will not know before tomorrow's election. if there is something freeing about anonymity that frees people up to do things or say things, they might not do otherwise. what does the big shift of political money this year to identity-shielding institutions mean for what this year's and next year's elections are going to look like? beltway hand wringing over republican candidates for president this year have raised $80 million less than republican candidates had raised at this point in the last presidential cycle. it is striking, at the end of june 2007, republicans raised $100 million. that's a huge gap, but then hey, also, that forgettable sounding
9:22 pm
romney-related pack, restore our future. oh, they've also raised $12 million of their own. and carl rove's group plans on raising and spending $120 million. will we know who those donors are? in some cases no, not at all. in some cases, not before the election. money is not leaving politics. money isn't going away, it's just going to places where it can be kept more anonymous than traditional campaigns. if you like the ads in california, then i think you'll love what's ahead this year. joining me now to tell me it's no big deal is nicolle wallace, someone i enjoy disagreeing about politics. she is also the author of the novel "eighteen acres."
9:23 pm
congratulations. >> nice to see you. >> do you think this is no big deal? >> i have good news and bad news, which do you want first? >> bad. >> okay, the bad news is -- well, the bad news for my side is these ads never work, so if he loses, he's down by eight points, which is sizable ground to make up on election day, it will probably be in part because of the way this ad reflects on him. now, you and i know he has disavowed the ad. he's condemned the ad and called it bigoted and racist. these ads are deplorable, no campaign wants to lose control of the paid messaging on their side. here's the good news. the good news is the democrats have outgunned republicans in terms of the outside money they've raised and the outside ads they've run in the two presidential campaigns i worked
9:24 pm
on, 2004 they outgunned the republicans $400 million and in 2008, they outgunned republicans by close to $100. >> in 2010, republican leaning groups doubled what democratic leaning groups did. doubled. >> we haven't ever seen republican outside groups outrun the presidential. >> in 2010 we did. 2010 they doubled it. i don't think you can -- i don't think you can say one side or the other is going to disarm in this. i think both sides are going to do tons of outside money. >> i worked for the one republican who tried to outlaw outside money, but no presidential campaign of either party ever welcomes the paid advertising activities of outside groups, because they can't control them. it's illegal. so neither side wants the outside groups. i mean, they all condemn the outside groups, but the one thing they both agree they don't want the outside groups doing is putting up ads like this of the.
9:25 pm
>> in the george w. bush campaign against kerry, overtly oh, not only is that not us, we hate it, not making that our campaign, that's not our case, not the way we're arguing against john kerry, you think the george w. bush campaign would be happier if the ads went away? >> we never would have raised those issues. john kerry said they helped create a caricature of him. i think the campaign about george w. bush, which depicted him as a war criminal was far more damaging than the image -- look, i think it was pretty equal in 2004. i think, which was funded largely -- completely by anonymous donors, but we know who some of them were, because they were proud of their activity. they had an incredibly -- they got off the ground the anti-war movement. carried that legacy into 2005
9:26 pm
and 2006 when public support for the wars in iraq and afghanistan fell throw the floor. you cannot take anything away from the outside money and the impression that the outside groups made and the advertising they did in 2003 and 2004. >> saying those things don't work on either side doesn't make sense. >> they don't work in a campaign like this. this is not going to recruit his -- we won't know until the exit polls. >> the first thing that makes any impression in this campaign, first thing that gets national media attention is this ad that's super racist and obnoxious, hitting janice hahn about gang remediation issues in los angeles. after this happens, i'm not down with that ad at all, but we need to talk about gang remediation efforts. >> she has answered and rebutted in a way it looks like the voters in that district are satisfied with her response that
9:27 pm
she never had anything to do with the -- >> it was a 31 gap rate. >> the single thing that unifies independence and the far right of the conservative movement, the tea partiers, is the national debt and size of the government. if that's true, this may be one place we see it playing out. i mean, some of his support, you can't look at the support that he has and view it as so much greater than the support the republican presidential candidate had just two and a half years ago now and view it as disconnected from what's happening in the country. truth is there are independent voters. california is a state that's practically bankrupted itself. california is a state where they understand how detrimental government debt can be. >> look at upstate new york, get a blue result because people are so upset about the vote against medicare with the paul ryan plan. we can say people are upset about the debt, on my side,
9:28 pm
republicans wanting to kill medicare. there are national wins that approach these things, but i think this anonymous money funding something totally disgusting, absolutely has helped the republican candidate there and i'm worried in 2012, we're going to have so much anonymous money as a proportion of the overall money in the race we should expect a lot more ugliness. >> i don't think you'll find any candidates that are enthusiastic about anonymous money because of the things that are done against them. so, you know, it's not something where you find a lot of vocal supporters. again, i work for the guy that try to get rid of it, he was struck down by the supreme court. i'm not a fan of anonymous money. i think it can do more harm than good. that's why these ad s get a lot of national attention. they are so appalling. if said everything we
9:29 pm
do is going to be positive i think that would be great. >> this is not a mirror image issue. five straight rulings of the supreme court that struck down campaign finance laws that we got, and every time it's the conservative majority of the court doing this and conservative groups resulting in the cases struck down. >> but on the grounds of free speech. >> it's been a conservative jihad on finance law. so to say the conservatives are upset it's happening -- >> my point is they benefit less. they benefit less from outside money. less of it on the republican side, so they benefit less. >> you're so game. i love it. >> they are strong advocates for the first amendment, what can i tell you? all that free speech thing. >> nicolle wallace, the author of "eighteen acres."
9:30 pm
and, nicolle wallace because you're a fellow californian starving for cheap mexican food, i hereby bequeath to you the three best cheap mexican places in midstown that delivers, including one truck that delivers. >> only in new york, thank you. >> you're welcome, enjoy. this offer not available to all "the rachel maddow show" guests. ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ before i started taking abilify, i was taking an antidepressant alone.
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if you have concerns that in america today there's just too much separation between our nation's love of alcohol and our nation's love of firearms, then the great state of ohio has good news for you. >> have you ever been stopped by a policeman who was an idiot in i have this idiot pull me over on 315. >> giving new meaning to the word loaded on debunktion junction. ♪ there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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debunktion junction, what's my function? first up, true or false, the president of bellaruse is cracking down on people clapping for him. is that true or false? true. normally you'd think this man here in the funny hat, rigged his most recent election to have him win by 79% of the vote, you think a guy like that would love applause, but in this case, no. he has banned public gatherings.
9:38 pm
but some people in his country are brave enough to want to show they are against him, and this clapping thing here, this is how they have been showing they are against him. predictab predictably, this is what happens to people who get caught. clapping is a form of protest, it started a month ago with flash mob style rallies. it's grown to involve thousands with 1700 people arrested so far including, not kidding, a one-armed man arrested for clapping. seriously. next up, russia is about to take advantage of what will soon be a monopoly on human space flight by jacking up prices for rocket flights into orbit. true or false? true. take a look at the space shuttle "atlantis" blasting off friday. after "atlantis" lands safely back on earth in ten days, the only way our astronauts will be able to get back up space is
9:39 pm
paying for rides on russia's rockets. since president bush announced it's ending the space program, russia has renegotiated price. this summer, they are jacking the price up almost 60%. by five years from now, which is the earliest any commercial spacecraft might be able to compete with russia, they'll have tripled the ticket price for when they started charging it. they will be charging $63 million a ride, which we'll have to pay if we want to put somebody in space because no more american shuttle. finally, in the state of ohio, it is now legal for gun owners to carry concealed weapons into bars. ohio has just legalized concealed firearms where alcohol has been served. true or false? true, what could possibly go wrong? john kasich signed senate bill 17 into law at the beginning of
9:40 pm
this month. if you were among those worrying what was wrong with ohio these days is its saloons didn't have enough guns in them, that problem has been fixed. the law does have one loop hole. while you can have your gun in a bar, you are forbidden from getting drunk. once you're drinking, once you're drunk, you are not allowed to have the gun on you in the bar anymore. think about that for a little bit. people get drunk in the bar now, what do you do? check to see if they got a concealed weapon now that they are drunk, and if they do you get to persuade the armed drunk person they are not allowed to have the gun on them anymore? ♪
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behold the great recession, the one you will tell your kids about. the one you're trying to explain to your kids already. this chart shows all the recessions since world war ii basically, we're way down there at the bottom. we are living the red line, that's the rates jobs have been lost in the recession. that red line is an unhappy place and we are there. at least we're not at the very bottom anymore. the word recession is used to describe an economy not growing at all. if your economy doesn't grow for
9:45 pm
two straight quarters, for six months, that's a recession. an economy is still atrocious but not technically in recession anymore. after a plunge, the economy did start growing again, very, very slowly, but still growing, and that's better than the alternative. this shows what's happening with gdp, gross domestic product, a phrase that describes the result when i try to cook anything. gross, domestic product. also describes the economy. everything from you buying shoes to the government buying stuff like stop signs. gdp has been growing since about two years ago. we are at least above zero, and even though it hasn't been enough to get us out, it is growth, so technically, you cannot say we are in recession anymore. dozens of times since the kennedy administration congress has voted to raise the debt ceiling so the country can pay what it already owes, so we can keep the lights on, keep buying
9:46 pm
stop signs, supporting veterans, building roads, collecting taxes, all the things the government does. but the republicans this year decided not to take the routine step they have taken dozens of times before, that some of them personally have taken over and over and over again with little or no resistance. this time republicans say they will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless democrats agree to literally trillions of dollars in spending cuts. even after president obama offered up trillions in spending cuts, including cuts to medicare and social security, the republicans still say no deal. no deal to raise the debt ceiling like congress has done dozens and dozens of times before. chuck todd tonight tweeted the two sides look further apart than ever, then on or about three weeks from now, the u.s. government will start to shut down. one weird result of congress failing to act here is it will give the executive branch huge new unilateral powers.
9:47 pm
the treasury department will start picking and choosing which of the nation's bills to pay. do soldiers get their paychecks or social security checks will have to wait? what about air traffic control, do we shut down air travel in the u.s.? how soon do we default those who bought u.s. treasury bills? the treasury department will get to decide, and not all of that stuff will be able to be done. a new report from the bipartisan policy center estimates once the debt ceiling is hit the government will only be able to pay 55 or 60% of its bills. the knock-on effect of the economy in august alone will be about $134 billion lost. 10% of gdp, wiped off the map. the economy is awful right now, but we are not in recession. if we hit the debt ceiling in month one, 10% of the economy gets shot to high heaven, which puts us back in recession. joining us now live from philadelphia is mayor michael
9:48 pm
nutter who joined other mayors with president obama. mr. mayor, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, rachel. thanks for having me on. >> after talking with the president today, how hopeful are you we can avert this disaster? >> well, i'm certainly hopeful and one thing i know is president obama is focussed on the issue as he has been for some time. the president laid out to us one, we have to get our fiscal house in order, two, reduce the deficit, three, take a balanced approach and make sure the wealthy are paying their fair share and close corporate loop holes and four we continue to stay focussed on putting americans back to work. the president has been consistent in that, he has been strong in that and straightforward and honest with the american public about what needs to happen. as i listen to your intro, it is clear that without taking action on raising the debt limit, that would be possibly the most irresponsible action or
9:49 pm
non-action in the history of the united states of america. it would be a catastrophic event of enormous economic proportions, not just for our country, but questions the full faith and credit of the united states of america and would possibly send many economies around the world into crisis as well, so this issue must be addressed and then how it's addressed, of course, is that as much important as getting it done as well. >> there's no intrinsic relationship between negotiations over long-term debt and deficit issues and the debt ceiling vote. the debt ceiling vote has been handled as a matter of congressional housekeeping for most of the last generation. is there any sense -- did you get any sense from the president or do you believe the president could be pushed to a position where he unilaterally acts to raise the debt ceiling because the congress won't do it? >> the president didn't mention that. i think he's still hopeful and, as a matter of fact, he laid out to us he still wants to get the
9:50 pm
big deal done. mayor many other mayors were on that call. he was clear, he was focused. he wants to get a big deal done. this is america, we can get big things done. we don't send people up on the space shuttle and not bring them back. we finish the job. that is what needs to be done in this regard. should the debt limit be raised, of course it needs to be. how it gets done, the proposals for the cuts, devastating to philadelphia and many other cities across the united states of of america. you can't balance the budget on senior citizens, middle class, students and many others. we have taken cuts and cuts, you can't just cut your way out of the enormity of the deficit that we are facing right now.
9:51 pm
revenues have to be on the table. nnchlths terms of the interest of philadelphia and your planning, is the president encouraging you to take measures in philadelphia just in case this scenario does happen? do you have a sense of what the consequences would be for philadelphia if it does? >> the president remains optimistic. from what i do here on the ground, we always have to be mindful of the what if question. we will be looking at the question of if we were not to receive the various checks that we get from the federal government, as the president laid out, they would have to defer or limit payments to military family. can you imagine? we are in the variety of conflicts, families have their loved ones around the world. they are worry body them. now they have to worry about whether or not they will get their checks? and someone on social security,
9:52 pm
just getting by, after the worst financial disaster since the great depression. all on behalf of the republican philosophy that we have to keep in place a variety of tax cuts for oil and gas executives, profits at all-time high, hedge fund and corporate jet owners. i have a 9 plus percentage rate of unemployment in philadelphia. someone at their debt limit trying to pay their bills because they need a job that is what the focus needs to be. somehow in washington, they think they can talk all day and all night long to congress, the president is trying to govern. they want to play politics, and real people in stes like philadelphia, detroit, boston,
9:53 pm
you name a city. folks are suffering. we don't have time for this kind of gamesmanship. they are trying to score points, the president is trying to run the country. >> thank you for your time, i know you have a lot on your plate. >> before becoming a broadcaster, my friend ed ssc l
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
schultz. >> the u.s. is in blk, brazil is in yellow. first score is brazil
9:57 pm
accidentally scoring on itself. then t an american player gets a red card for this. that means she is out of the game, and the u.s. has to play with one less player. then t the penalty kick. watch. stopped by the u.s. goaltender with the name of hope solo. and the referee said it did not count, some other penalty they called on the american that is nobody understands. what? after the u.s. goalie had that save, the do-over, they score. and then, the same brazilian player scored again. the player who passed her the ball was offends, then, a thing of beauty, if you don't care about this sport. if you don't understand this sport this. is universal.
9:58 pm
this is great. watch, watch. can you believe this? she has saved the usa's life in this world cup! keeping the women in it, before they beat brazil in a penalty kick! hope solo, an unbelievable save. and the u.s. wins, one of the greatestus women victories ever! they will play against france on wednesday. that happened yesterday. the best new thing in the world today, how america reacted as we watched that game. watch this!
9:59 pm
how did they make that? >> yeah! go baby! usa! yeah! go. goal! goal! they scored! oh, my god! yes! goal! goal. goal! yeah!

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